Healthcare Planning Services

Our Planning Services


Our Planning Services for Emerging Challenges

Example of an outbreak, e.g. Coronavirus

Creating capacity and support services

  • Provide an Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR) commander role

  • Establish command and control centers

  • Elective care ― cancel elective procedures

  • Outsource activity to private sector and procure beds, staff and equipment in private sector

  • Procure PPE and provide a centralized storage facility

  • Procure consumables

  • Create additional bed capacity

  • Set up mobile testing facilities

  • Provide 24/7 support from different regions across the globe


Our Planning Services for Emerging Challenges

How AECOM can help

We are ready to assist and guide you through the process. This includes facility modifications, standard operating procedures and start-up.

Our services enable:

  • EPRR planning policy review and development

  • Develop primary care services

  • Review and develop mental health service provision

  • Rethink city planning to develop resilient cities

  • Spatial solutions — identify locations, specify, design, and build/convert areas for beds, diagnostics, theatres, testing centers, etc.

  • Fast track roll-out of technology

  • Building engineering systems — retrofit and/or specify and design solutions for power, medical gases, ventilation, engineering systems

  • Radical rethink of procurement to deliver projects faster

  • Review project timelines for faster delivery 

  • Create and centralize PPE stores

  • Reset of health service provision


Our Planning Services

for Acute Healthcare


The pressure on acute healthcare services, such as emergency medicine and the need for beds and diagnostics, is increasing due to the aging population, more patients with chronic conditions, and a lack of primary care services in the community. These services respond to immediate “life or limb” threatening health conditions. 

Our services enable:

  • Healthcare provider delivery models in acute and integrated care tailored for the country/region they are in

  • A particular focus on more private sector facilities for low and middle income patients as part of an integrated approach which includes preventive and primary care services 

  • Strategic developments of new and refurbished hospitals incorporating new technologies in treatment of patients and the management of healthcare facilties

  • Facilitating collaboration between healthcare providers of acute care services, such as emergency physicians, surgeons and obstetricians

  • Management of activity modeling to inform acute care demand and capacity planning within health systems

  • Development of capacity building solutions and management for Emergency Preparedness, Response and Resilience (EPRR) for temporary or permanent facilities


Our Planning Services

for Primary Healthcare


The increasing aging population and prevalence of long-term conditions and chronic diseases necessitates a rethink of how primary healthcare services should be delivered going forward; while the use of technology, Internet of Things and robotics are enabling a transformation in the approach to capacity planning of outpatient facilities and the utilization of space.

Our services enable:

  • A patient-centered approach instead of the more traditional organization-focused one

  • A new delivery model for where resources need to be located including future-proofing for healthcare estates and the design of facilities

  • Technology integration providing 24/7 connectivity for patients via apps, wearable devices, assistive and companion robots to their healthcare services delivery model

  • Consequent changes to future human resourcing levels and capabilities in care staff, as well as strategic asset management on healthcare estate capacity and capabilities — enabling enhanced cost efficiencies and return on investment


Our Planning Services

for Mental Healthcare


Growing awareness of the importance of positive mental health is resulting in more patients across all age groups being diagnosed with various acute and chronic mental health problems, requiring community and specialized care. This is one area of healthcare that is more difficult to standardize when it comes to projections of recovery time so facilities need to be planned with the flexibility to accommodate the needs of different illnesses, age groups and genders, for treatment and rehabilitation. 

Our services enable:

  • A coordinated, consistent and compassionate experience for patient care, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation

  • Development of the vision for the end-to-end patient journey, and the strategy for the clinical pathway and the service offering 

  • Planning services to develop robust business cases encompassing macro and micro considerations, from the management of demographic demand projections to the ratio of nursing staff to patients, and built-in flexibility to adapt to future needs

  • Design of therapeutic surroundings which are both anti-ligature and aesthetically calming, addressing features such as physical segregation, and unobtrusive security systems


Our Flexible

Service Offer

Our flexible service offer ensures you have all you need to bring your ideas to life.  Some clients choose to appoint us to provide specialist advice on a specific matter.  Others recognize our ability to effectively integrate a wide range of services from across our business covering the spectrum of health planning, design, construction and operations management.


It’s your choice which of our services you wish to procure for your project. What is important is that you have options with AECOM. You can be assured that at all times our work is characterized by a focus on reducing risk, improving value and assuring outcomes.


Please refer to AECOM’s Asia Pacific Healthcare brochure for more details on the services we provide following the first critical step of healthcare planning services.